Work with me

PHOTOGRAPHER • I am a landscape, farmlife, agriculture & gardening photographer with a love for natural light, soft earthy tones, moody weather conditions and the microcosmos of plants. Custom photography and styling are available for a variety of shoots based on your requirements for website, blog and social media imagery.


CONTENT CREATOR  • Maintaining a high quality and consistent content is one of the most important aspects of creating a successful brand in this digital age. Together let’s create some beautiful engaging and project based content (English or German) for you to use on your website and / or social media fitting your brand and aesthetic.


CREATIVE CONSULTANT • The digital world is more and more visual, so sharing your work or product in the most engaging way is massively important. I can help you navigate the online space with a wide range of services such as the design of your dream website, creative direction, content curation and visual branding.


BLOGGER • Are you a brand or a publisher looking to collaborate on a blog post? Send me an email and let’s chat! I started blogging in 2015 and the Lettifarm blog has recently moved to this fancy new theme. My main topics are natural & outdoor living, slow living, seasonal living, sustainable living and I put a strong emphasis on the photographic content.


REFERENCES • EM Schweiz AG · Kosmos Verlag · Irisiana Verlag · Friedrich Reinhardt Verlag · Landwirtschaftsverlag Münster · Morga AG · Jute Suisse GmbH